Psychotherapy, counselling, psycho-education, crisis intervention, and training may all be offered in a group format. Settings may vary: my office, your workplace, community centres, conference rooms, etc. 

Let’s have a look at one type of group: PSYCHOTHERAPY GROUP

This group is offered in the comfort of my newly renovated loft specifically designed for this function and located just above my office. The number of participants is kept at a bare minimal (5-8), and the session is highly confidential (a confidentiality contract is “a must” from the get-go). Although a coaching approach is used, this group is psychotherapeutic in nature… this is not a course where I teach and you passively listen. This is where you will gain a deeper understanding of your situation, discover techniques and learn how to apply them in order to increase your well-being.

Are you concerned about sharing with others? Well, you control your "share-meter"! You decide what, when and how much you want to share, based on your level of comfort. We'll talk about this during the very first session.

Being that groups are so small, specific attention to each member’s needs is possible, and learning from others is quite special. You’ll notice that most techniques learnt in my groups will help you in all sorts of contexts in your life, and with different types of people. Moreover, I only use certified approaches (i.e. CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, SFT - Schema-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Chronotherapy, etc.). This is the place to learn, integrate, apply, share at your level of comfort, and grow! Folks really like these groups. 

Look under the Events tab for the next group and how to sign-up. 

My commitment to you and the group is to adapt my style to each participant and to the group as a whole, using the best psychological and pedagogical techniques. I’ll give it my very best so that you may improve your knowledge, skills and quality of life. Be prepared for a new outlook!