ONE-ON-ONE: Currently, one-on-one services are only being offered to existing clients at my private practice, to members of organizations that have contracted with me, and to on-site victims of critical incidents and natural disasters.

GROUPS: Groups may include crisis intervention, disaster response, psychotherapy and counselling for a variety of situations (not just emergency response) and psycho-education. Settings may vary: my office, your workplace, community centres, conference rooms, disaster/on-site, etc.


If you come for a first meeting (individual or group setting), don’t be too concerned… I’ll help you along. I’m told that I make folks feel quite comfortable from the get-go. You don’t have to prepare anything. It’ll be fine. No matter how long we’ll be working together, I like to get to know you prior to starting. Then, we get to it! Again, don’t be too concerned… it’s my job to know how to navigate the meeting in order to offer you the best quality service. At all times, I respect YOUR objectives, YOUR rhythm and YOUR opinions. We’re a team.

My commitment to you is to listen, care, and offer top-notch quality services that will meet YOUR needs and make a difference in your life. Be prepared for a new outlook!