20 or 2,000 participants… I don’t mind! Whether I’m in front of a live audience, on radio, television or the Web... it’s all about sharing my passion for health and wellness.

I’ve given presentations to professionals and to the general public alike, including clinical, motivational and work-related talks, imparting knowledge and building awareness on psychology-related issues and mental health. My speaking engagements are interactive and delivered with passion and enthusiasm, while remaining focused and research-based.

My experience as a clinical psychologist, university associate professor, community leader, administrator, business woman and, of course, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, helps me to keep my talks real and grounded.


  • Top 10 Most Efficient Resilience Techniques

  • PTSD and the Brain: Making Sense of it All

  • Let's Be Bright: Supercharging Our Brains with Light

  • EMDR: What's It All About?

  • Women Talk - 12 Secrets to Success

  • #MeToo - Life After Tag

  • Empowering First Responders

  • 21 Days to Wellness

  • Formula for Happiness and Wellness

  • Communicating with Our Adolescents

  • Smart Strategies for Aging and Thriving

  • Is There Life After Loss?

  • Mastering Stress and Anxiety

  • Essential Steps to Beating Depression

  • Ultimate Guide to Suicide Prevention

  • (others: based on your needs and interests)

As a speaker, I am committed to investing 110% of myself in my talks so that you may say, at the end of my speaking engagements, “Well, this was worth my while”, “This really met my needs”, or “I would have liked this talk to last longer”.