Keynote speeches and training are dynamic, seasoned with humour, grounded in reality and based on facts, real facts... none of this "alternative" stuff! 20 or 2,000 participants… I don’t mind! Whether I’m in front of a live audience, on radio, television or the Web... it’s all about sharing my passion and enthusiasm for health and wellness.

My experience as a clinical psychologist, university associate professor, community leader, administrator, business woman and, of course, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, helps me to keep my talks real and grounded. 

I’ve given presentations to professionals and to the general public alike, including clinical, motivational and work-related talks, imparting knowledge and building awareness on psychology-related issues and mental health.  


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  • Winter Blues and the W5 of Light Therapy
  • Let’s Be Bright! Supercharging Our Brains with Light


  • OSI and PTSD Boot Camp - Levels I and II
  • PTSD Advanced Trainings
  • PTSD and the Brain


  • Resiliency Training for Emergency Responders, Modules 1 to 5
  • Top 10 Techniques to Empower Critical Incident Responders
  • How to Dispute My Thinking Distortions
  • Powerful Gains: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
  • 10 Most Impactful Rapid Relaxation Techniques


  • Dealing with the Aftermath of Suicide
  • Ultimate Guide to Suicide Prevention


  • #MeToo - Life After Tag
  • Supporting the Ones We Love: How to Help


  • Women Talk - 12 Secrets to Success
  • Owning My Space and Being the Best of Me


  • Advanced EMDR therapy trainings and consultations
  • CBT, REBT, SFT, light therapy and positive psychology trainings
  • Various mental health issues

↓ Aging Well

  • Seniors' Health: Resilience, Control and Power
  • Smart Strategies for Aging and Thriving

↓ Anxiety and Stress

  • Mastering Stress and Anxiety
  • Overcoming Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Trauma

↓ Communication

  • Effective Communication in the Workplace
  • Communicating with Our Adolescents
  • 10 Communication Don'ts

↓ Depression

  • Essential Steps to Beating Depression
  • From Surviving to Thriving: A Lifestyle of Difference

↓ EMDR Therapy

  • EMDR: What's It All About?
  • Self-Help EMDR Techniques

↓ Grief and Loss

  • Helping Children Understand Grief
  • Is There Life After Loss?

↓ Happiness and Wellness

  • Formula for Happiness and Wellness
  • Workplace Wellness: a Powerful Return on Investment
  • Creating a Meaningful Life
  • Top Tactics to Thrive @ Home, Work & Play
  • 21 Days to Wellness
  • Supercharge Your Brain with ESER: Eat, Sleep, Exercise and Relax


  • Cyberpsychology / Virtual Reality: Top New Technique
  • Get with the Times: Web-Based Mental Health Help
Dr. Filion is the most dynamic, knowledgeable and “REAL” professional I have had contact with in a very long time! (Kingston)

Training was fun, informative with an energetic instructor… like a shot of espresso! (Vancouver)

Awesome delivery and easy to listen to. So many take-aways. (Toronto)